Installation Patch for Riddle of the Sphinx™ v2.0
(this is only for the version shipped on 1 CD-ROM;
this is the only patch you need for version 2.0)


PLEASE NOTE: The updaters BELOW are ONLY for Riddle of the Sphinx™ v.1 (on 3 CD-ROMs) - if you use this installer for v2.0, you won't be able to play ROTS.
Updaters v1.01 & v1.02

Riddle of the Sphinx™ Updater v1.01 - READ ME (1/6/2001)

You must have Riddle of the Sphinx installed to update it to v1.01.

NOTE: Many players have been through Riddle of the Sphinx™ and solved the game without encountering these problems. The patch also offers a few enhancements. Using the patch will not affect prior saved games and will ensure you have an enjoyable experience - but, as with any update: BACK UP YOUR SAVED GAMES PRIOR TO UPDATING.

v1.01 patch fixes the following problems:

  • InteracTV code not displaying properly
  • Early "illegal" access to River of Death
  • Multiple grabbing of Sun Bolt in Funerary Yacht
  • "No data for this item" for Tauret Tablet
  • Gil's Tape Player not playing for some
  • Trumpet disappearing
  • "Can't be picked up in this version" message
  • Early "illegal" access in QNs Chamber
  • Losing Sacred Cull just before filling last time
  • Getting past cobra at Cobra Shrine w/o amulet

v1.01 patch also enhances the following:

  • Cheop tent "water" optimization
  • Gil's tent navigational optimization
  • Multiple spacebar hits needed to hide interface
  • A drive being accessed during game loads
  • Removed Mandatory QT 4 message.
  • Black flash after intro at copter door.

If you have any problems, contact Dreamcatcher Interactive and choose support.


- ROTS Developers

Win 95/98/ME
Click on the link below to download the updater.
Click on the link below to download either the .bin or .hqx updater archive.
ROTS_101.exe (3.7 MB)

NOTE: If you get an error and the installer is asking for "Disk 2" then follow the instructions below:

If the installer doesn't fully download - or there is an error downloading, it will ask for Disk 2 because it can't read damaged data.

First of all:

  1. Right-click on Properties and confirm the bytes. Should be (3,807,293 bytes).
  2. Download the patch if the number of bytes is different than above or if the updater still asks you for Disk 2.
  3. Install again.
MAC OS 8.5 (and above), install v1.01:

ROTS Updater v1.01.bin (4 MB)
ROTS Updater v1.01.hqx (5.4 MB)

MAC OS 8.1 (or lower), install v1.02:
(fixes SAVE and OPEN bug wiith older OS)

ROTS Updater v1.02.bin (4 MB)
ROTS Updater v1.02.hqx (5.4 MB)

(If you're not sure you can open .bin files, choose .hqx.)

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